There’s a saying that love makes the world go round. It turns out that that feeling is built in to every human being. When each of us is born, we already have lots of parts that work plus scores of internal construction plans. One special characteristic of every baby is that it wants food and needs warmth and comfort. Luckily, a baby’s mother gets great happiness and comfort from her new-born. A young father needs to, without being told, bring over a clean diaper and baby lotion and take away the dirty diaper. Every women is happy to have help, especially his, and wants to please him to show she appreciated his help. This is also an opportunity to hold his child and start building a delightful relationship with his child.

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As each baby grows into a toddler and later into a preteen, he notices that there is a physical difference between boys and girls. As each grow up a little more, hormones kick-in and boys and girls tend to pair off. Typically, they want to spend time together and find increasing pleasure in close physical contact. That is just the way all humans are built.


A child’s world starts with his crib and soon broadens to a low bed and a room -sometimes shared with his parents. When he becomes a toddler, he has all day to explore everything he can see, He will happily pull on anything he can reach. This means he tries to open low kitchen cabinets, pulls on lamp cords, and pushes shiny knobs and buttons, and can instantly create a disaster zone. High-fi equipment on the floor with connecting cables on the front is also a good opportunity to pul wires,
If you have dropped any pill on the floor, he will grab it and swallow it. He may also hurt himself If he manages to open a low kitchen cabinet where he will pull everything out. Since he has all day to explore, he will pull off bottle caps and, if possible, unscrew lids and plastic covers. He will taste or suck on anything including bleach and detergent since he has no idea that they can be poisonous.

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If there is an older brother or sister, the preteen may try to imitate their behavior but may do a poor job and the older sibling my resent the younger one and likely say so at the dinner table.t may have to step in to stop the comments but depending on his skill, may not succeed


Despite wanting to be together, almost every teenager finds one – perhaps a number – of different activities they want to get involved with. With just 24 hours in a day, active teens will try to combine close boy-girl relationships while both are pursuing similar interests. A parent is often involved in keeping their teenager away from dangerous activities. Teenagers typically do not think about the risks of drinking alcohol, smoking and ‘recreational’ drugs.

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