Henry Petersohn


A Ph.D is a research and teaching degree. Petersohn previously taught business management and statistics and has written on computer topics. He personally had to undergo serious cardiac surgery and a stressful recovery and that involved Johns Hopkins and the Med-Star Hospital in DC. He also had to deal with more than two dozen family medical issues that pushed him into working with London’s National Health System and Venice’s Mesre as well as the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland and St. Joseph’s in Phoenix. He was drawn into extensive medical research as family issues became serious which spurred a deep interest in researching medical journals and reports from sources such as NIH, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Emory University, and the MAYO Clinic.

Books By Henry Petersohn


This book is intended to help folks who have limited experience in using a computer and have typical problems they want solved but don’t want to have to search through technical books for an answer or be forced to hire what can be very expensive consulting services. It uses common terms to get you to clear answers and appropriate technical information. As needed it also gives precise answers to hundreds of common problems.

Father’s HandBook

This father’s handbook is a major improvement over other handbooks for raising your children. This up-to-date book covers common child-raising topics often omitted or only summarized in other books. Each topic discussed is backed up by provided references with in-depth specifics should readers want more details. The Father’s Handbook for Raising Children includes specific possible actions a father can take rather than just providing “do good” statements. Its practical suggestions will save fathers time and money now and as your child ages.


Diving deep into the complexities of stress, ‘Killing Stress – Be Happy’ is a comprehensive guide that unpacks its origins, impacts, and effective management strategies. Through a blend of real-life stories, scientific insights, and practical advice, this book equips readers with tools to identify stressors, build resilience, and foster a healthier mindset. From understanding the physiological and psychological underpinnings of stress to implementing coping techniques like mindfulness and lifestyle adjustments, ‘Killing Stress – Be Happy’ offers a holistic approach to navigating life’s challenges. By empowering readers to transform stress into a catalyst for growth and well-being, this book serves as a roadmap to thriving in today’s fast-paced world.